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Aluminum zinc plating
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Aluminum zinc plating
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The surface of the aluminum plated zinc plate is unique smooth, flat and gorgeous star blossom. The base color is silver white. The coating consists of 55% Al 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon solidified at 600 ℃ to form a compact quaternion crystal, thus forming a strong and effective barrier to prevent corrosion from penetrating.
The corrosion resistance of zinc plating mainly comes from the barrier protection function of aluminum and the sacrificial protection function of zinc. When zinc is sacrificial protected in the cutting edge, scratches and coating scratch, aluminum will form an insoluble oxide layer, which can play a protective role in the barrier.
Advantages of aluminum zinc plating compared with ordinary hot galvanizing:
1、 Corrosion resistance: the test under the same conditions shows that the service life of aluminum plated zinc plate is more than 2-4 times of that of galvanized plate
2、 Thermal reflection: aluminum plated zinc plate has high thermal reflection, twice as that of galvanized steel plate. It is suitable for heat insulation materials and steel structure metal roof, which can achieve energy saving effect.
3、 Heat resistance: aluminum plated zinc plate can be used in high temperature environment up to 315 "℃, and the service environment of ordinary galvanized steel plate shall not exceed 230 ° C
4、 Scratch resistance and easy to process: the hardness of the coating of aluminum zinc plating is twice that of the ordinary hot dip galvanizing (55-65hv). Aluminum plated zinc plate is fingerprint resistant surface, so it is not easy to damage during cold bending process and the finished product surface is more beautiful.
According to the characteristics of the above-mentioned aluminum-plated zinc plate, compared with the ordinary hot-dip galvanized steel plate, az150 aluminum zinc plating has better quality and more superior cost price, which can completely replace 275g hot-dip galvanized products in the current market.