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Material and application of aluminum plate
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Aluminized plate has good heat resistance and oxidation resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and heat reflection. The products are mainly used in household appliances and automotive products with high temperature and heat resistance and strict corrosion resistance requirements
Production specification: 0.5 ~ 3.0mmx900 ~ 1600mm
Coating thickness: 80 ~ 150g / m2 (both sides)
Aluminum plate is generally used for:
1. Automobile, motorcycle muffler, exhaust pipe, fuel tank.
2. Combustion furnace, heat exchanger, dryer, air conditioner, etc.
3. Household water heater, gas stove, bread box, chimney, microwave oven, food processing machinery, electric oven, cooking utensils.
It can also be used for building cover, wall, ceiling and other heat insulation parts.