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High steel inventory and weak steel price trend
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The inventory of the steel industry has a great impact on the price, and the overall output of the steel industry has been relatively high since this year.
According to the survey data, the blast furnace operation rate of 100 small and medium-sized steel enterprises was 87.0% in September, 7.8 percentage points higher than that of the same period last year. According to this estimate, the daily output of crude steel in September was about 3.02 million tons, which was at a high level for many years, leading to the high steel inventory. Data show that as of September 25, the social steel inventory of 29 key cities in China was 13.661 million tons, up 40% year on year.
A number of steel traders pointed out that from the site situation, the demand is not bad, and the price of galvanized sheet and cold rolled sheet is likely to improve. The trend of medium and short-term steel prices is basically weakening, mainly because of the high inventory.
Founder black building materials group research report shows that the first three weeks of September demand recovery is slow, the market began to repair optimistic expectations. During the National Day holiday, affected by the limited production in Tangshan and the sharp increase in demand one week before the festival, the price of billet increased by 60 yuan per ton, the cumulative increase of wire rod by 50-60 yuan per ton, and the bullish attitude of galvanized sheet and cold rolled sheet was strong. As the heating season is approaching, we need to pay attention to whether the production restriction policy will continue to be strengthened.
In view of the impact of the downstream real estate industry on the steel market, the above research report pointed out that the growth rate of construction investment in August was as high as 16.5%, and the cumulative growth rate from January to August rose to 4.9%, and the construction growth rate maintained a slight upward trend.