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Wear resistant steel welding points!
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Wear resistant steel is a kind of steel which is relatively wear-resistant. Permanent metal is mainly used for wear-resistant steel. Many customers often respond to the problem of welding wear-resistant steel after purchasing wear-resistant steel. In fact, they have not mastered a welding point of wear-resistant steel. Let's see what are the welding points of wear-resistant steel?
The welding of wear-resistant steel is as follows:
1: Wear resistant steel welding should be carried out with a preheating, so that the hardness can be reduced to avoid some cracks. This is very important, and preheating can improve the plasticity of weathering steel joints and reduce the residual stress after welding.
2: Welding rod, if the conditions allow, can use alkaline electrode, so the effect will be better.
3: Groove form, we can open up a U-shaped breach type for welding when welding weathering steel. If it is the groove shape excavated by casting defect shovel, its function is to reduce the proportion of base metal melting into weld metal to reduce the carbon content in the weld and avoid crack.
4: Welding parameters, we welding weather resistant steel parameters are also important, welding speed to slow down the current a little bit.
5: After welding, the heat treatment must be remembered after welding of wear-resistant steel, especially for those with high thickness, it should be heat treated immediately after welding.