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Precautions for cutting weathering rust resistant steel plat
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What should be paid attention to in cutting weathering rust resistant steel plate? The laser cutting method is generally used for cutting weathering steel plate. The aging resistant control panel has developed large-scale infrastructure for landscape architecture, especially in parks, landscaping and related green garden manufacturing. They have been widely used in the landscape manufacturing industry.
In terms of building garden and landscape, many open indoor space and related engineering construction and manufacturing industry must be large and medium-sized weathering steel. In some cases, under the condition of reconstruction, it is necessary to cut the weather resistant rust resistant steel plate and laser cutting to obtain good practical effect. Because of its stronger performance and strong relativity, it is difficult to avoid time, time and money in cutting. Therefore, today, we gradually carry out research on some difficulties of laser cutting of weathering steel.
What should be paid attention to in cutting weathering rust resistant steel plate?
1. When opening, it is necessary to check the model, specification, model and process performance of thick steel plate, and then open the material after it is confirmed.
2. Before gas cutting, check that all the machine equipment and special tools of the gas cutting system software are normal before operation under the safety standard.
3. When carrying out steel plate processing, to lift the thick steel plate to the gas cutting service platform, the distance between the two sides of the thick steel plate and the slide rail must be adjusted.
4. In the whole process of cutting, adjust the spacing of cutting gun, determine the drag amount, and take into account the compensation for cutting.
5. When steel plate processing is carried out, the length of the gas cutting cyclone exceeds one third of the thin thickness of the product workpiece, which makes the edge of the part evenly meet the heat.