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Application foundation of weathering steel
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Weathering steel has strong corrosion resistance, because of its unique corrosion resistance and economic benefits, it has laid the foundation for application in various fields.
Ruisheng steel, as a company which has been supplying weather resistant steel for many years, pays attention to and foreign experience on the one hand, and also studies and develops the high quality weathering steel and its surface rust layer rapid treatment technology based on the national conditions of our country.
The production process of weather resistant steel is relatively good in China, from fine material into furnace, smelting to microalloying treatment, blowing gas, LF refining, low superheat continuous casting, rolling control and cooling control. During smelting, scrap steel is added to furnace with furnace material, smelting according to conventional process, Deoxidizer and alloy are added after steel tapping, and steel is added After the air blowing treatment, the water is poured immediately. The steel after air blowing and temperature regulating is cast into slab by continuous casting machine.
Because the steel is added with a proper amount of rare earth elements, the weathering steel has been purified and the inclusion content is greatly reduced.