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Common problem
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How to purchase weathering steel
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Weathering steel is a kind of high-quality steel plate, which is widely used. With more and more applications, the demanders are constantly expanding, and the trading of weathering steel is also constantly expanding. So what should be paid attention to in the purchase of weathering steel?
1: Buy weathering steel, we skillfully learn to look at words and colors, the real weathering steel rust but not rot, so, look at the rust, but it is very strong, so, you don't take it for granted that rust is weathering steel, that makes people lose big teeth!
2: The purchase of weathering steel also needs to learn to be opportunistic. Here I'm talking about opportunism. You can see whether there is a third-party testing organization and let others test for you. In this way, it's safer.
3: If you don't like the above two, you can also choose a regular and powerful weathering steel manufacturer to purchase, so that the products you buy will get quality assurance!