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Common problem
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Production process of aluminum zinc plate
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The corrosion resistance of 55% aluminized zinc sheet is 2 to 6 times that of galvanized sheet. Because of its superior corrosion resistance and processing performance, it can be directly used as building roof panel, civil and home appliance back panel, and also widely used as color coating substrate.
Production process of aluminum zinc plate
Step one:
Pretreatment: after the cold rolled coil comes to the aluminum and zinc plating workshop, it goes through the decoiler, degreasing section and reduction furnace to clean the coil and reduce its composition, so as to achieve the degree of zinc plating.
Step 2:
Central section: the most critical technology is this step. After the zinc pot, a layer of zinc is plated on the surface of the steel plate. After coming out of the zinc pot, it will be beautiful immediately. Then it will be cooled and shaped by the cooling tower, and Cinderella will become a beautiful princess.
Step 3:
Post treatment: steel plate after a variety of processes finally came to the post-treatment stage, after finishing, straightening, passivation, finally obediently rolled to the coiler, forming our final product.
55% Al Zn plating plate has barrier layer protection function from Al and sacrificial protection function from Zn. When Zn has edge cutting and scratch, Al will form insoluble oxide layer to play a protective role. In addition, the density of aluminum and zinc plating is low, and the coating thickness of the same weight is thicker than that of zinc plating. In addition to corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, 55% aluminum zinc plate has good reflectance and good adhesion. There are 55% aluminum zinc plate has a variety of zinc flower state, beautiful surface, suitable for external use.
The types of aluminized zinc plate include: colored fingerprint resistant aluminized zinc plate, colorless fingerprint resistant aluminized zinc plate, environmental protection aluminized zinc plate, color coated substrate, high hardness aluminized zinc plate, etc.