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  Company advantages:

  1.The stock of standing stock is more than ten thousand tons,

  2.Short binding time:special materials,super high zinc layer and special specification of the customer can be delivered within the specified time.

  3.Price preference:the company forms strategic partners with the state-owned enterprises and the central enterprises;provides strong support for the supply and capital of our company;the preferential range of steel plants'purchase is large and the cost of goods is low;the optimization of logistics cost such as lifting,processing,warehousing and transportation determines our price advantage.

  4.Processing and distribution:the company provides fine galvanized plate,aluminum plate,cold-rolled plate processing,longitudinal shear,leveling:high efficiency from the lifting,processing and distribution links.

  5.After sales service:the company has a special after-sales service department,after receiving the notice of customer quality objection,confirm the quality of goods at the first time,and communicate with the steel factory to deal with quality problems in a timely manner.

  Business mode:

  Spot sales:the company's spot resources are mainly market-oriented,and various special steel aluminum products are often available for more than 10000 tons.Users can choose from the spot supermarket according to their needs.

  Futures Trading:the company can order various material specification steel plates from various steel mills according to the requirements of customers.And provide technical consultation,place orders for prepaid funds,and handle transportation on behalf of others.Due to reasonable price,timely delivery,thoughtful service,we have won good praise from customers.

  Steel plate processing:can be leveled according to customer requirements,longitudinal cutting into various sizes.

  Project tracking:in view of the characteristics of rapid procurement cycle,large batch,many specifications and high technical requirements in recent years,the company has established a project department to conduct preliminary technical consultation and data collection for the owner and the construction unit to assist the customer in bidding.After winning the bid,the company implements the price comparison procurement of different steel plants to help customers reduce the cost as much as possible.And use our company in the steel industry good reputation and network relations,quality and quantity,guarantee the time limit to complete the contract in time.For state-owned enterprises and joint stock listed companies,they can deliver goods first and then settle the funds.Pallet can be represented for peer dealers.

  As a professional plate sales enterprise,the company takes"group procurement,network distribution"and"sets up a team full of wisdom"as strategy;it takes"win the market with good faith and win the world quality"as the business philosophy,and serve the tenet of"meeting the diverse needs of customers and providing high-quality and perfect service".Over the years,it has been widely praised by all walks of life.With the development and growth of the company scale,it has established a good strategic cooperation relationship in a large number of large and medium-sized famous enterprises,state-owned enterprises and listed companies in China.The company has branches in Zhengzhou,Anyang,Tianjin,Shenyang and Guangzhou.Welcome the customers to call,letter inquiries,sincerely with all partners to seek development,harmony and win-win.